Bathroom renovations give your home a new feel, and they enable you to get the most out of your space. As such, people prioritize remodeling their bathrooms as much as they do their kitchens. Choosing a design for your bathroom can be quite hectic as there are very many options available on the market. 

Here are some of the best-designed baths on the market which range from modern to luxurious and can work with any size and style. They can act as a guide to your remodel.

The New Jersey Estate (Mathew Frederick)

New Jersey Estate Design

Architect Anabelle Selldorf worked alongside designer Mathew Frederick in the remodeling of this master bath. The bath has a crisp and modern feel to it with the incorporation of Boffi tub fillers and a Mies van der Rohe chair which complete the clean look. 

Ceramic tiles adorn the floors with paintings on the wall. The entire room has access to natural light, thus making the atmosphere lively and there is an emphasis on white hues in the bath to make it appear more significant than it is.

The Long Island Home (Thomas O’Brien)

Long Island Home Design

You can incorporate classic looks with your modern bathroom and end up with a masterpiece like the one by Thomas O’Brien and Dan Fink. Their use of vintage chairs and footstools make the room have a relaxed feel which fits in with the Calacatta marble on the floors. The hues fall in the ranges of cream, brown and white and the lighting works are from Thomas O’Brien. 

The bathtub and other sanitary fittings are from Waterworks. Their design is proof that two themes can go hand in hand without clashing.

Southampton Retreat (David Neto)

Southampton Retreat Design

Southampton is a region where many interior designers put their creativity to good use, and David Neto does not disappoint with his work on this bathroom. He worked alongside architect David Hottenroth and together, they were able to come up with a design that is both modern and vintage in its way. 

Walking into the bathroom, you realize that the floor has wooden boards leading to the Wet-style bathtub which lies next to big windows. The whole room survives on natural light from the outside, and there are two shower rooms to each side of the tub. Other features in this luxurious bathroom are a chandelier, linen blends, and a chair. 

Long Island Home II (Daniel Sachs)

Long Island Home II Design

If you are going for a simple design, then this look will interest you. Designer Daniel Sachs and architect Kevin Lindores put in some long hours in the re-imagination of this masterpiece. The tub is the central piece in the room, and you cannot miss it thanks to its grandeur size. It lies next to the windows where natural light hits the bath. 

The floor has ceramic tiles lining it while the walls are plastered and decorated in Farrow and Ball’s Elephant’s Breath. The room has an Indian feel to it, and it features many Indian watercolors. Linen cotton curtains adorn the shower room to add more life to the room.

Manhattan Penthouse (Dufner Heighes)

Manhattan Penthouse Design

Manhattan is another area where interior designers work hard at coming up with new concepts, and this idea will blow your mind away. Dufner Heighes combined both vintage and modern themes in the remodeling of this bath, and the results are spectacular. 

The floor is of stone tiles while the wall panels are of travertine to bring a modernistic feel to the room. The tub lies to the end of the room, partly protected from the outside while the windows open up to the outside, shining a natural light on other parts of the room. 

There is a concentration on neutral hues such as cream which give the bathroom a relaxed feel. Other features include a framed collage and a vintage light fixture. 

There are so many bathroom designs that you can steal some ideas from as you work on your remodel. As you do so, you can learn how to mix different themes to create the perfect bathroom for your home.

After finishing up with the bathroom make sure to see what are the latest trends in designing your perfect living room. Happy remodeling! 


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