Inspiration in the inner décor world comes from many sources, and a few interior designers have made names for themselves in this competitive world. These designers have awed many with their creations, and it is, therefore, fit that we highlight the top five names in the interior décor world at present.

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly is a woman with many titles to her name ranging from author to decorator all the way to blogger, fields in which she excels with ease. Her work in interior design stands out, and she focuses most of her creativity in the West Coast where she can explore different themes for bright finishes. Her ideas do not lie on the matronly side, but instead, Kelly brings out the rock star entrenched deep in her soul to create some of the most fabulous designs that the West Coast has ever seen. 

Some of her work is visible in establishments such as the Tides and Viceroy Hotels where she has spent lots of time working on the décor. Some of her clients include stars such as Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, a show of the level of talent she displays in her creations.

Jean Louis Deniot

Jean’s work is all about the creation of atmospheres. Whatever elements he puts together for a client have a story to them such that the result tells a tale that will remain relevant for decades to come. His academic training comes in handy as he puts together bold pieces which help him achieve an informal atmosphere in which his clients can unwind. Those who have seen his work first-hand describe it as magic and spontaneity in one.

Marcel Wanders

Marcel came into the interior design world back in 1996 when people were beginning to appreciate the need for beautiful surroundings. He started off with a knotted chair which got the world’s attention and remains to be an icon in the interior décor circles. From that point onward, he focused on creating atmospheres where people could experience passion and love, something in which he excelled. 

His works can amaze many with their ingenuity which is both provoking and exciting. To date, many see him as an anomaly in the interior décor world, but they cannot help but marvel at his prowess in creating designs.


Kelly Hoppen

Kelly is an English interior designer who currently runs a business focused on meeting the décor needs of residences, offices, and restaurants. She also ventures into décor for aircraft and yachts, thus making her an all-around designer. She can adapt to her clients’ needs such that what works for one person will be different from what she does for her next client. This flexibility is one of her core strengths and a significant factor in her rise to fame.

Philippe Starck

Philippe is a designer and architect who believes that creation must first be good for the environment before it is aesthetically pleasing. His belief has made him an instant hit with clients who wish to conserve the environment as they decorate their spaces. 

These designers have found ways in which they can brighten the lives of their clients by having a positive impact on their residential, office and recreational spaces.  


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