Your kitchen space is the hub of your house. It is the space you use to make meals for your family and friends as you strengthen the bonds between you. As such, revamping is a great idea such that you can get to enjoy your time in it more than you do. Here are some of the top five kitchen designs on the market at present.

Quartz Worktops

There was a time when people steered clear of using quartz on their kitchen surfaces for fear that the venture would be too hefty on their pockets. Based on this notion, many people opted to use laminate on their worktops, and only those comfortable with spending lots of money on remodeling went for quartz surfaces. Over time, the development of composite kitchen surfaces begun, and people soon got wind of it. These surfaces enabled people to get value for their money by putting them in a position to get high-quality materials for modest prices. 

People are now letting go of laminate in favor of quartz thanks to this development, and kitchen surfaces are getting more transcendent by the day. What’s more, these surfaces look great on bathrooms too!

The Industrial Design

Scandinavia is one region that embraces this look with zeal, and it is not for naught. This design features details such as minimalist furniture, exposed pipes and bricks, rustic metals and other elements you would typically find in a factory. The inspiration for this look comes from the need to appreciate the beauty of features such as concrete and wood as well as other natural materials used in construction. 

When innovative finishes get used in this design, the look blends in with the surrounding, thus creating an aesthetically appealing look which will have your kitchen looking glamorous. Other nations are quickly catching up with this look as they strive to make their homes have an edgy feel.

Handless Units

Modern kitchen looks are evolving, and this is another trend that is taking over the design world by a storm. It has a linear look to it, and all the furniture in the room is handless, thus resulting in a sleek appearance. Designers are finishing off the handless doors in neutral tones which enable the rooms to appear vibrant. Another critical factor that has aided in the achieving of this look is the use of paint color options in timber which are becoming more popular with time.

Clutter-free workspaces

Working in a kitchen space with clutter all over gives one a hard time and can be very frustrating. As a result of this, designers are moving towards the use of cabinetry which has sections for various items. In this way, you can store your tea bags, seasonings and other kitchen items in the cabinets such that you leave the worktops clear. 

There are many cabinet options on the market, and your choice will depend on how much space you require. A clear worktop gives off the illusion of ample space and makes it easier for you to work in the kitchen.

Copper accents

There is a trend towards earthy tones as people seek ways to make their kitchen spaces appear modest and modern. Grey cabinets and doors lined with copper colored accessories are taking over kitchen spaces, and this is a trend deemed sustainable in the future. 

More and more people are shifting from black and stainless steel as they welcome this new design which offers them a modern yet simplistic look.

Kitchen designs are all over the market, and these top five trends will direct you towards achieving the perfect look for your kitchen. You can combine some aspects from one design with those of another to better bring out your creativity.  


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