London is a hub for most of the UK’s legal, financial, social and cultural activities. As such, a lot of thought goes into designing the venues which host such events and the conference industry in this city is a hit. There are many options available at present such that no matter how small or extravagant your function is, there is a venue that will meet your requirements. 

When delegates are heading to the city, they are often in search of a meeting place with suitable surroundings such that they can go about their activities without interruptions from the busy city. Here are some of the best-designed venues that you will come across while in the city.

One Great George Street (1913)

This venue lies in the heart of Westminster and serves as the headquarters for the Institution of Civil Engineers. Delegates love that it lies close to the Houses of Parliament, making it a convenient meeting place for trade organizations, political talks, education organizations and other institutions. 

It has tasteful decorations, and though it has been in operation for decades on end, it is in excellent condition. Many view it as a historic landmark where the UNESCO Charter came to be in 1945. One of its most iconic characteristics is its Great Hall which occupies a significant portion of the building.

Other features include nineteen rooms of various sizes which are available for hire. Every room gets its name from a notable civil engineer whose paintings adorn the room. You will also find very many art collections in the building which add to the tasteful décor, including works by John Lucas and William Lionel

This landmark is so breathtaking that people in the fashion industry use it to showcase their work, an example being Alice Temperley in the London Fashion Week in the 2012/13 collection.

The Brewery

The Brewery has a rich history, having started out as a brewery back in 1750. Operations continued with the production of Whitbread up to 1976, after which there was a change of use to hosting events. Tech companies, as well as financial organizations, particularly love hosting their activities in this venue which lies in the heart of London. The Brewery also hosts other functions such as birthday parties, bridal showers, and other events. 

There are eight spaces at the venue which are of different sizes and finishes to meet the needs of the clients better. This venue focuses on modernity and technology which are features that stand out in the design of the rooms. Take an example of the Porter Tun. It can hold up to one thousand guests, making it ideal for conferences where large numbers of people are in attendance. There are also Sugar Rooms which have a regal-style design to make them more intimate, and they are great for small parties.

All rooms have a different look to them, and the good thing about them is that they have separate entrances. This setting allows for privacy, especially where sensitive matters are in discussion. There is an option to connect the rooms to each other which is possible during conferences to enable ease of interaction. Other features that guests stand to benefit from include high-speed Wi-Fi connections.

Congress Center

This meeting place is ideal for anyone looking for high-quality spaces in a suitable environment for a reasonable price. It lies in the city center and has a modernist feel to it. The center has undergone some changes in the past, and you will benefit from features such as wood paneling, air-conditioned rooms, natural lit spaces, giant screens, HD projection, and Wi-Fi. With sixteen rooms in store for you, all with varying designs and sizes, you are bound to select one that will match your needs.

What’s more, there is a team of dedicated staff around you all the time to cater to your needs.


No matter what event you are planning, these venues have spaces tastefully designed to meet your needs at reasonable costs. 



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