Living rooms go by a variety of names, but one thing is for sure; their appearance matters and that is why designers work around the clock to come up with new ideas to breathe life into these spaces. If you desire to incorporate a touch of personality to your living space, here are some of the best-designed living rooms to act as a guide in this process.

Concrete and navy

The name may deceive you into thinking that the result would have a cold appearance but that is not the case. In fact, this design is so vibrant that it earned Jean Louis Deniot a place in one of the best-designed living rooms on the market. This Miami penthouse features a sofa, a cocktail table and chairs from the early twentieth century to give the space a vintage feel. The golden side table, the bronze chandelier, French lamp and the indoor-outdoor rug also add to the rustic feel of the home which makes it welcoming no matter the season.

Artwork by Franz Kline lines the walls and a beautiful sculpture at the center of the room adds to the artistic feel of the space. The concrete walls are plastered and partially decorated in bright hues to make the living space more vibrant.

Modern Organic

If you are more into modern looks with a touch of nature to them, this San Miguel de Allende home will impress you. There is an armchair at the center of the room whose slipcover is of natural white linen adding to the bright colors in the room. A leather chair sits adjacent to the armchair while a polished tree stump serves as the cocktail table in the room. A stone mill wheel sits at one end of the room, towards the large windows and it serves as a side table.

There is a sizeable in-built shelf towards the entrance whose boards are of natural wood and a monk’s chair sits at the entry hall. A cowhide adorns the floor as a Persian rug partly covers it to add onto the beauty of the setting. The wall is plastered and painted in white hues to make the space inviting and natural light from the outside bounces off the walls, highlighting every beautiful feature in the living space.

Japanese Style Living Rooms

Vivia Horn brought Japan into her New York home by borrowing some ideas from the East. With high ceilings and the use of timber in her space, as well as the use of natural light for lighting, she excelled in her remodel. Leather Italian sofas surround a cocktail table in the middle of the room, and they all stand on a wool rug. She used a Japanese-Style fire pit and tin-range hood to complete her look. Color lithographs on the wall display the Japanese culture, thus bringing all the elements together.

Formal living room

You can also opt to remodel your space and go for something more conventional such as the formal living space. Ariel Ashe and Alexi Asher worked on their Connecticut farmhouse and chose an official theme which looks transcendent. The windows in the room offer just enough light to keep the space warm but not too much such that it takes away one’s attention from the features in the living room. The walls have dull blue hues and paintings on them, and the lack of brightness turns your focus to the chairs and tables in the room. 

A sofa lies towards one window while two leather armchairs rest adjacent to it. Though formal, this space is excellent for entertaining guests, and it has a homely feel to it that makes it ideal for use as a family room.

Whatever kind of living room you want; you can borrow from these designs and add your creativity to these ideas to create the perfect living space for you


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