When it gets down to choosing the best models for a house, it is a subjective matter as people’s opinions on the same tend to differ. Where one person may feel that the design of the structure is of utmost importance, another may be of the idea that what matters most is the features of the house. Other people are looking for a home whose design takes their breath away based on how fashionable it is. Below are some houses on the market which people regard as some of the best models they have ever seen. Be the judge.

Casa Aljibe

Alejandro Valdivieso was an architect who saw potential in a well which he developed the well into a magnificent home. Using a well as a basement to a house is not an easy task, but he pulled it off with ease, finishing off the design with a glass wall that surrounds the well. Those who find this design excellent are not only drawn to the house by its outstanding aesthetics but also the history with which it comes. There are not many houses in the world whose owners can claim sit on what was once a well. As such, people cannot help but appreciate this fantastic creation.

The Barn

This house was once a barn and thus also has a rich history to its transformation. Many changes occurred during its development such as the replacement of the roof. The outer concrete frame is in place, but most of the exterior walls are now of glass, which was not the case in the past. The ceiling also has wood lining it to regulate the temperatures in the house better.

However, the designer retained some of the barn’s features. Rather than constructing other dividing walls for the interior spaces, the architect used the walls that separated the stalls. This move not only reduced on costs incurred in construction but it also enabled the house to retain some of its identifying features. 

The glass walls get their support from steel frames, and they allow one to have a clear view of the breathtaking surroundings in the environment. The sliding doors in place enable one to connect between the indoors and the outdoors with ease and thus be at one with nature.

The Anzac Bay House

Waiheke Island in New Zealand is home to one of the most beautifully designed houses in the present market. The residence features a main floor and a mezzanine space which connect to each other by way of a spiral staircase. The staircase acts as an attraction in the house owing to its beauty, and it also enables the house to have ample space for other features. Vaughn McQuarrie, a renowned architect, worked on this house for a considerable amount of time to bring this wondrous creation to life. 

The ground floor features an ample space in the middle while other small ones spread around it. It houses the social spaces in the house which include the dining area, the kitchen space, and the living room. The mezzanine floor houses the sleeping room and the work area.

The design by Vaughn is much like that of a boatshed or a small village where the primary sources of attraction are in the center while the functional spaces locate around the draws. Most of the house has concrete on the walls which, when combined with the wooden fixtures and light fixtures, results in an exquisite finish. The overall design of the house makes it look like an oversized cabin that is at one with nature it makes one marvel at the excellence encompassed in this building.

Though it is difficult to classify a house as cool and have people agree to it, these houses have amazed many people with their designs. Thus, they have earned their place as some of the most impressive house designs on the market. 

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