It is no secret that celebrities live large and people are always looking to borrow some interior décor ideas from their favorite stars. Here are a few designer mansions belonging to celebrities which will prove that interior décor is all about one’s creativity.

Celine Dion

This music icon owned a house in Jupiter Island in Florida, estimated to be worth at least twenty eighty million US dollars in 2017. The mansion sprawled over twenty thousand square feet and featured glass walls, fourteen bathrooms(check out our top 5 list of best bedroom designs), and thirteen bedrooms. The architecture and décor had their inspiration from Bahamian themes, and they stood out with ease.


This mansion proved to be what one would imagine a celebrity house would look like with a tree house, water slides, a river, water cannons and swimming pools adorning the compound.

Taylor Swift

Taylor has a stable music career, and her houses are proof of that. She recently let go of a ten thousand square foot house in Beverly Hills which was valued at twenty-five million US dollars back in 2015. This house once belonged to Samuel Goldwyn who had founded the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and its construction came to an end in 1934. As such, this house has a rich history and lies in an estate where legends such as Clark Gable settled. 

This house also got used in the filming of The Best Years of Our Lives which won an Oscar in 1947. As such, it is clear that Taylor invested her money in a mansion with many tales to tell. The mansion featured naturally lit rooms, an expansive compound, hanging chandeliers and many other elements which brought its history to life.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is a celebrity whose show has people in stitches all over the world. It is only an assumption that her mansion would have features as impressive as she is and this house does not disappoint. The villa extends on approximately ten thousand square feet in Montecito, California Hill. She recently put it on the market for thirty-nine point five million US dollars, and prospective buyers can't wait to move into this gem.

The house has a relaxed style to it, and it overlooks the mountains and ocean, making it the ideal place to head to when one needs to clear their mind. In addition to this, the house has a large compound with a pool and tennis court. The architect put much thought into making the house have a natural look, and the mansion features natural stones, handmade iron windows, and marble stones.

Marilyn Monroe

A lot of people wish to see the kind of life Marilyn led before her unfortunate death and with this house on the market; many got to have sneak peeks into her mansion. This two thousand square foot house was on the market in 2017, and it sold for seven point two five million US dollars. It lies in Brentwood in Los Angeles. The home was well-maintained, even in her death and the thing that stood out most about it was the kidney-shaped swimming pool where she took dips in hot weather. The exterior of the house was white and the roof lined with red bricks which gave the house a beautiful, clean aesthetic fit to serve its new occupant for decades on end.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline is a fascinating woman, and this house tells the tale of a young girl who grew to be the first lady. The residence features Georgian-style decorations, and one can’t help but see how this was the perfect home for the breeding of this elegant lady. Other features in the house include a river-view terrace, a garden, indoor and outdoor pools and a tennis court. It is a show of quiet luxury in which a first lady was born.

The house measures twenty-three thousand square feet and lies in McLean in Northern Virginia. It is presently on sale for forty-nine point five million US dollars and whoever gets it will surely be lucky.

Ever questioned what it feels to live like a celebrity? Well, with this sneak peek, you now have an idea of how you can transform your home into a wonderland. Let your imagination take the lead.


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