Nothing beats resting on the bed after a long tiresome day. However, over time, bedrooms have become much more than just clean sheets and are now also about the environment in which you sleep. Interior designers around the world are working hard to provide you with great designs which will make your nights even better. Here are some of the best bedroom designs on the market which you can borrow from as you work on your bedroom’s décor. 

Glam bedrooms

This design displays elegance and is a great way to make your master bedroom stand out. The use of warm colors makes the atmosphere calming and provides a space in which you can let go and relax after a long day. Many who go for this look include features such as pinstripe walls and upholstered beds. These two features complement each other as the walls serve as an ideal backdrop for the upholstered bed. Designers use layers of throw pillows and cushions on the bed to make it have a welcoming feel, much like the one you would find in a luxurious suite.

The use of contemporary aspects alongside classic themes enables the highlighting of every feature in this design, and you will love the result. 

Contemporary bedroom designs

Designers create unique looks through the use of natural elements in their looks. Nowadays, you will find features such as plants, wooden floorboards, old crates and other earthy materials in bedrooms. The point in all this is to give the room a relaxed vibe where one can spend hours on end without leaving. In fact, research shows that being in a comfortable environment slows the heart rate and allows one to be at ease, thus reducing the amount of stress to which one is subject.


Other than using natural materials, designers also opt to open up the bedroom space to more sunlight and running the curtains wall to wall to make the room cozy.

Colorful rooms

Children, as well as some adults, do well in brightly colored rooms. The great thing about color is that it adds space to a bedroom such that even a small room can appear more significant than it is. With these rooms, you can pick a theme that’s a favorite for the person who will be using the bedroom. Not much work goes into these rooms, yet the results are spectacular. With soft throw pillows and cushions on the bed, bedside tables and lights, storage units below the bed and a bookshelf in place, the room is as good as ready.

You can also opt for a Bohemian look for this category where you would use features such as textured printed tapestry and neutral colors to complete the design.

Minimalist bedrooms

This look turns out great, and not much work goes into it. Features include pure pastel colors, soft lighting and delicate prints to give the room a relaxed ambiance in which you can relax. A few paintings here and there will also add some beauty to the bedroom. The thing that matters most with this design is that you consider small details. Something as little as unbalanced hues can mess with the whole look.

Elegant bedrooms

These designs can be easy to pull off with the right research at hand, and the aim is to provide a beautiful and serene surrounding. Walls painted in neutral colors will do, and you can line some sides with wallpaper so that they complement each other. 

When picking out furniture, go for warm tones that blend with each other to avoid the clashing of colors. Topping the look off with a beautiful chandelier will do the rest of the work for you.

Enhance your sleeping space by breathing some life into it with these fabulous bedroom ideas. 

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